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Threat actors are getting smarter and more sophisticated every day. Traditional inbound focused perimeter security solutions and AV are not up to the challenge of the mobile workforce, IOT, and BYOD. Zeropoint delivers advanced *Passive DNS* and *Managed Attribution* solutions that apply an intelligence-led approach and security heuristics to actively defend the enterprise against advanced cyber threats - including malware and ransomware - inside the perimeter, and out in the cloud.

Our mission is to make cyber defence intelligent and effective across the active defence lifecycle: Learn, Control and Engage.


Intelligence at the core.

ZeroPoint Backscatter is a cloud-based intelligence platform that employs advanced machine learning and proprietary algorithms to create dynamic intelligence feeds foundational to comprehensive multilayer cyber defence. Backscatter automates the analyses of key correlations and behaviours that identify indicators of advanced malware and active compromise. Backscatter learns and adapts to the changing threat environment and provides the real-time threat feeds that power Zeropoint Shield.


Passive DNS.

Zeropoint Shield detects active malware on a network and halts communication with its command and control infrastructure. Communication is severed to prevent additional compromise. Shield is a cloud-based Passive DNS firewall that proactively applies dynamic rules to defeat advanced threats including trojans, RATs, ransomware, and malware designed to harvest your data.


Know your enemy.

Zeropoint Scope is a specialized, managed attribution system that obfuscates interactions with the Internet by distributing connections across a large pool of constantly changing IP addresses and locations. Scope is designed for malware investigators and security teams that require a means to study malware behaviour and interact with Dark Web resources safely and securely.


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